Don Henley Takes it Easy and Gets Back to The Country
That's the cover of the Eagles debut album, recorded in England but sounding more like the South Western U.S., and for good reason as The Eagles came together from the meeting between Don Henley and Glenn Frey at L.A.'s famed Troubadour, followed by their backing Linda Ronstadt, who herself was also a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n' roll. The lineup on that  album was my favourite, with pictured left to right: Bernie Leadon (Banjo, Mandolin), Randy Meisner (Bass), Don Henley (Drums,Vocals),...

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Flavour Infusions For Your Beer?!
This is easily the most life-changing invention for lovers (even haters) of beer.... FLAVOR INFUSIONS FOR YOUR BEER! This company called 'Hop-Theory' has started making these "beer tea bags" that are filled with awesome stuff to make your beer taste better. Their first flavor infusion is called Relativity (orange peel, coriander, and cascade hops) and they plan on making MORE. They've taken to Kickstarter to raise money to make it happen, right now if you donate $10 you will be able to...

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