Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio sets solo release, hear the first track
Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio has set September 18th as the release date for his solo album (under the name Baio), The Names. “The Names is a record that has reverberated through my mind for much of the last five years,” Baio says. “Its themes began to take shape when I moved from New York to London in 2013. Today I’m delighted to share the first track of a record that I think is pretty tight!”...

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Sweet 16 Party Ruined By Poop Raining From The Sky
Imagine... You're sitting out in your backyard, enjoying your sixteenth birthday. You blow out the candles on your birthday cake, enjoy the party and all of a sudden... It starts raining. Raining... Poop. This girl in Pennsylvania was enjoying her Sweet 16th birthday with about 40 of her friends, and it started poop raining. Poop fell onto the birthday girl's hair, the guests, the pool, the gazebo... The only thing it managed to not get on was the cake which was put inside moments before...

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