Puscifer announce new album; watch their new video
Puscifer, Tool singer Maynard James Keenan’s supergroup, will release a new album, Money Shot, on October 30th "It's extremely satisfying to witness simple conversations and ideas transform into completed sonic landscapes," Keenan says of the full length. "And to have these stories go above and beyond the initial ideas makes my grumpy heart swell three sizes." The new song “Grand Canyon” features vocals from Keenan and frequent collaborator Carina Round....

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Pet Owner LOSES IT On People Trying To Save His Dog From Being Locked Inside A HOT Car
This is crazy... You know how you're never supposed to leave a pet locked inside of a hot car? Well this guy in Vancouver left his Bulldog inside of his hot car while stopping at a pet store. A woman stopped by and noticed this poor dog overheating in the car, so she went inside the pet store and asked who the owner was... Nothing. So they realized the passenger door was open. The opened the door and took the dog inside the store... Then they found the owner. This guy started SCREAMING...

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