The Coolest Concert Ever Staged
And in the end ... in their attempt to create a fitting conclusion for their film "Let it Be" today was the day 46 years ago, the 30thof January 1969, they made their final sort-of public performance up on the roof of their Apple headquarters at 3 Savile Row, London. They were joined keyboardist Billy Preston and rocked in the cold breezy winter's day for just over 40 minutes, doing a set of 5 songs, a few of which they did repeatedly, making for 9 takes in all. There's that recurring #9 yet again....

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Drunken Oreos Are Here and They Are the Drunk Food of the Future
Easily the best thing ever created by the hands of man... ALCOHOL-FILLED OREOS. I'm telling ya, bring these to your Superbowl party tomorrow and everyone will love you. All you do is grab some Oreo pudding mix, pour in a ton of your favorite alcohol, take some oreos.... You'll get the idea when you watch the video below:...

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