The Great Mark Knopfler Coming with Album and Tour
One of the most self effacing, humble, gentlemanly men I've ever interviewed – the man who was so out of step with most everything on the radio in the late 70's, it only served to elevate his music to great heights because nothing sounded quite like it. To anyone who has been following along since Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits came in '78 with that self titled debut and Sultans of Swing - the enduring song that heralded it's arrival, the consensus is that Mark remains one of the most tasteful...

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Consent VS Non-consent
When is it time to teach kids about consent? Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says students should start learning how to read facial expressions and emotions as early as Grade 1 to help them understand consent in sexual relations. We decided to make an educational video this morning to help out. Here's another suggestion....pop quiz! What do you think: Is grade one too soon or is it never too soon to teach kids about consent? Have a good one! ...

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