The Legendary Adventures of Super Mensch
Imagine a guy,  still living, who hung with Janis and Jimi and Jim (Joplin, Hendrix and Morrison, on the off chance you weren't sure), on his way to becoming the manager of a diverse array of musicians and actors from Alice Cooper to Anne Murray.   Without Shep Gordon, we'd never have seen this: The stories of the life of Shep Gordon are so awe inspiring they leave you wide-eyed and smiling when you hear his friends speak of his legend and listen to his first hand accounts of the way he...

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Gigantic CATFISH!!
  I'm really having a hard time believing this one. This guy claims to have caught a 280 pound catfish. That's right...a dinosaur like catfish. Now, in this day of photoshop and trick videos, I'm certain that he could have created this on his computer. Or did he? Here's the video 'proof'...

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